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PatientsLikeMe’s Open Research Exchange™, or ORE for short, is a platform we created to put patients at the center of the clinical research process. Medical researchers use ORE to create and validate new ways to measure diseases.

That means as a patient, you play a very big role in ORE. Your experience living with disease can shape how diseases are measured in the future, and help others better assess where they are, and what to do.

We’re excited that, now more than ever, your voice—the patient’s voice—is at the heart of the most important health developments of our time. Join us as we break new ground in the way medical research is conducted.

The new measure for medicine: YOU! VP of Innovation Paul Wicks, Ph.D. explains how researchers are listening to patients to develop new health measures
Get to Know the Team of Advisors They’re giving feedback on research initiatives and creating new standards to help researchers understand how to better engage with patients.

Patients As Researchers

Meet Tam, a PatientsLikeMe member living with MS. She realized that the smiley face pain scale wasn’t helping her communicate effectively with her doctor. So she decided to create a new measure that focuses on how pain affects daily functions.

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